Anna Bak (b. 1985, Denmark) is a visual artist and curator. She works in different medias, primarily with installation and sculpture. She took her Master in Fine Arts from The Funen Arts Academy in Denmark with a supplementing Fulbright exchange year at Montana State University in Bozeman, USA.  In 2014 she was granted a residency at the renowned post-academic research institute, Jan Van Eyck Academie, in Maastricht, Netherlands. In Denmark she has exhibited at art institutions like GL STRAND in Copenhagen, Kunsthal NORD in Aalborg, and Overgaden – institute for contemporary art in Copenhagen. Internationally she has exhibited at Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen, Studio 47 in Amsterdam, and Glucksman Gallery in Cork, Ireland. She has been granted artist in residency programs from the Danish Art Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey and at Capacete institute in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In 2015 she launched the book Wilderness Survival – A Guide to the Aesthetics of Survivalism, published by the Dutch publisher and exhibition space Onomatopee. Anna Bak is represented by Marie Kirkegaard Gallery in Copenhagen.

Bak is interested in stories that are based on conflicts between nature and culture as well as socio-cultural paradoxes. She examines the way people observe and relate to nature and geographical placement at an existential level; in particular connected with a post-industrial melancholy and melancholy associated with the loss of harmony with nature. Through her work as a visual artist, Anna Bak explores human and the artist's conflict-filled or ambivalent encounters with nature. In line with this, Anna Bak often uses natural or relatively unprocessed materials such as wood, leather, clay or stone.

Bak has a site specific focus in her productions, with architectural or historical references of the locations. For several years a central focal point for Bak's works has been based on the historical figures who have attached themselves to nature and its open, deserted expanses; ranging from hermits, rangers, botanists, nature romantics to so-called ‘doomsday preppers’. Through her works, a paradoxical monument is formed over these characters, where nostalgia and utopia, cognition and disillusionment, withdrawal and self-staging, goes hand in hand.

A characteristic notion that runs across Bak's artistic work, is the fundamental human emotions such as desperation, loneliness and melancholy. Translated into visually alluring works, however, a certain optimism is also traced in the possibility of transformation drawn in her playful combinations of materials and cultural references.

Born: 24th april 1985, Grindsted, Denmark


2018-2020: Ma Curating, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.
2014-2015: Jan Van Eyck Academie, post-academic studies. Maastricht, Netherlands
2010-2011: Montana State University - art-department, Bozeman, international exchange student, USA
2007-2012: The Funen Art Academy(DFK), Odense, Denmark
2005-2007: Århus art-school (Byhøjskolen), Århus, Denmark
1999-2004: Highschool; Vestjysk Gymnasium Tarm (VGT), Denmark


2020: Five works purchased by The Danish Art Councils to be part of their national collection

2020: Danish Arts Council annual work grant

2018: Danish Arts Council annual work grant

2017: Ville Chistensens grant

2016: Danish Arts Council annual work grant

2016: The Danish Arts Councils Artist in residency program for Capacete, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

2015: Danish Arts Council annual work grant

2014: Danish Arts Council annual work grant

2014: Inger and Aage Nielsens honor grant

2014: Knud Højgaards Fond, grant for participation at The Jan Van Eyck institute

2013: The Danish Arts Councils Artist in residency program for Istanbul, Turkey

2012: Choosen for the international juried group-show; "Extract", at Gallery Gl. Strand, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010: Fulbright Foundation, international exchange program




October 9th - 14th November

Through the impact of time my scars will show - solo exhibition at Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Copenhagen, DK


23rd of September - 12th of October

FSC BATTLE#6 - G.ON.E. - Collaborative Exhibition with artist Joseph Flynn (AU) at FSC, Brønshøj, DK

May 24 – June 29

Babylon - Group exhibition at Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

25th january - 17th March

Hermit -Solo exhibition at Overgaden Institute for contemporary art. Copenhagen, Denmark.


16th november - 16th december

I Will Survive -Group exhibition and publication, exhibition collaboration between Alta Art Space and Galleri CC, Malmø, Sweeden.

1st- 8th July

Letters of Last resort - Group-exhibition "Letters of Last resort" at the Gallery Damian And The Love Guru, Brussels, Belgium

5th Apil - 4th may

Abyss - Exhibition in collaboration with Rune Bosse at D7 projectspace, Copenhagen, Denmark


17th june - 6th august

[UDEN TITEL 17]. Group-exhibition at Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, Denmark


10th December 2016 -  19th February 2017

Liquid Mountain. Group exhibition at Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 

23th July - 6th November 

I Went to the Woods: The artist as wanderer. Group exhibition at Glucksman Gallery, Cork, ireland. 

29th January - 28th February

There are some enterprises in which a careful disorderliness is the true method. Exhibition with Anne Munnecke at House for Art and design, Holstebro, Denmark



19th December:

Experience Ooga Booga. CURRENT OBSESSION, One day performance and exhibition event at Studio 47, Amsterdam, Holland.

17th October – 15th November:

Wilderness Survival. Exhibition and performance at Onomatopee, Eindhoven, Holland.

24th September- 4th October:

Wilderness Survival. Solo exhibition at X and beyond. Copenhagen, Denmark.

 24th September – 23th October:

BEERS 5 - 100 women at the pub. Group exhibition at Byens Kro, Copenhagen, Denmark.

30th July - 2nd August:

Blank Billboard - installation for Sejerø Festival, Sejerø, Denmark

12th-28th June

GHOST DANCERS solo exhibition at OK CORRAL, Copenhagen, Denmark

 5th-7th March

OPEN STUDIOS at Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands



3rd oct – 30th Nov:

Zimmer-Frei - Group exhibition at Koldinghus Museum, Kolding, Denmark

 1st - 3rd August:

The first thing that dissapeared...- sound-Installation at Sejerø Festival, festival for art, architecture and music, Sejerø, Denmark

 20th March:

OPEN STUDIO, one-day exhibition in Residency apartment in Istanbul, Turkey

13th March - 23th March.

Open space , international group Exhibition MixerArts Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey



4th Okt. - 15th Nov.

The Wave- Interactive installation made in collaboration with artist Magnus Fuhr and students from Art&Design Talentacademy, exhibited at Holstebro Art-Museum, Holstebro, Denmark

6th September- 6th October:

The West in the South Harbour -Group exhibition at the exhibition place "Sydhavn Station", Copenhagen, Denmark

12th April - 20th May

Monster -small installation in the “Demo-room” at Gallery Image in Aarhus, Denmark


15th December

Cabin 2 -in the woods (permanent sculpture)
Art-spacee Skovsnogen, Kibæk, Denmark

24th November - 20th January

Extract - Group-exhibition at Gl. Strand Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.

15th September - 28th October

Local Heroes -Group-exhibition at Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon

25th May -  29th July

Cabin- The Funen Art Academy MFA thesis show 2012, Brandts Kunsthall, Odense, Denmark
Curators; Stine Hebert and Nanna Grunnet


11th - 13th November

Dreamlover -Exhibition with the art-group Carstensgade4, the garage at Prags Boulevard 43, 2300
Copenhagen S. Denmark

13th October - 2nd November

Machine RAUM -Biennale for video-art and digital culture at Vejle art museum, Denmark

2nd September

One-day exhibition with the art-group Carstensgade 4, Vesterfælledvej 7a, Baghold, Copenhagen,

17th - 22nd April

Ah, Wilderness! - Solo exhibition at Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery in Bozeman, Montana, USA

7th - 24th February

Vox Populi -Juried exhibition at Hellen Copeland Gallery, at Montana State University, Bozeman,
Montana, USA


1st - 31st December

Selected works at NOVA café together with Kate Lindsay, Bozeman, Montana, USA

12th - 26th May

MAKE ENDS MEET -3rd year exhibition at DFK (BFA thesis show), Odense, Denmark

29th January - 7th February

Before Entering -Exhibition at Prags Boulevard 66,, Copenhagen, Denmark



Wilderness Survival: A Guide to the Aesthetics of Survivalism (2015), Onomatopee Publishing


2020: Production, recording and publisher of the public podcast series  ”Kunsten på kanten”  in collaboration with art-website Idoart.

2020 - 2021: Member of the proffesional "Peer" group at Malt Air -international artist in residency program in Ebeltoft, Denmark. 

2020: The curator has left the building: offentligt symposium om kuratorisk viden ved Kunsthal Århus.

2019: Lecture for students from University of Copenhagen -Culture and communication -curatorial activities. Cph. DK

2019: "Walk n’ Talk” Conversation with cultural critiq Torben Sangild on the exhibition 'HERMIT' Overgaden. Kbh, DK.

2016: Partticipation in "The future panel", debate on the cultural future of Holstebro city, Holstebro Art museum, DK 

2015: ‘The artist as a wanderer’ – offentligt foredrag på Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland

2015: November-december
Guest teacher at The school of Art and Design (Holstebro Talent-academy), Holstebro, Denmark.

2013: 16th January
Lecture at Herning Art school, Evening classes for young and adults who are interested in an
artistic career. Herning, Denmark.

2012: 10th Feb
“Ah, Wilderness!” Guest lecture at Århus art-school concerning own art-practice. Aarhus, Denmark

2012 Febuary: “Fun with Animals” guest teacher and workshop about animals in art at Århus art-school
(Byhøjskolen) in Århus, Denmark

2010: 17th june
“Can you live from it” Talk and open discussion about the creative business and the daily life of
being an artist together with artist Svend-Allan Sørensen at Brandts Kunsthalle in Odense,

2009: 1st - 15thAug
”Instant Herlev”. Assistant for international artists, mainly Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess (LA.,
USA), Herlev, Denmark

22th June – 3rd July
”Park Project”. Assistant for Birgitte Kjøller. Collaboration-project between the city and culture
department of Odense municipality and Brandts Kunsthalle in the public Park ”Kongens Have” in

29th Jan – 13th Feb.
”Somebody has been dreaming of my house”. Assistant for Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz and Tue
Biering on ”Sense-exhibition” on Brandts Kunsthal.

21th - 29th Nov.
”ACT OUT”: Performative Video by Nordic Women Artist”. Workshop and exhibition at University of
Évora in Portugal


2016-2020: Curator at The House of Art and Design, Holstebro, Denmark

2013: Museum-assistent at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark

2008-2012: Docent/guide/Attendant and curator assistent at BRANDTS (Kunsthalle in Odense, Denmark)