The Wave (2013)

Exhibition at Holstebro Art Museum, Holstebro, Denmark


Installation, variable dimensions and materials.

The wave is an interactive art-installation. The project was made in collaboration with Artist Magnus Fuhr and students from the ART&DESIGN department of the Talent-academy in Holstebro. The idea for the project came from a wish from Holstebro Art-museum to attract a younger crowd of audience to the museum and would function as a workshop for the students from the ART&DESIGN school. Also it received financial support from the culture-festival taking place in this region of Denmark at the time, the theme of the Culture-festival was Waves and therefor also the inspiration for the outcome of the project.

Waves occur when energy accumulates and moves. A wave is a reaction pattern, and the more input is added to the system, the greater the wave will be. It was kind of logic to us that an art-installation about waves had to be interactive.

We wanted to transformed Holstebro Art Museum's basement to a large interactive artwork that examines the wave phenomenon and what happens when one type of waves - eg. sound waves - is transformed into visual waves. Also we wanted to involve several different art-medias to make it interesting and relevant to a wide group of students working in many different ways. So painting, sculpture, animation, design and light-art was all represented in the project.

The basement consists of one long room, divided into 3 boxes by 2 half-walls. The first section we kept open for suggestions from the students, so whatever outputs would come from the workshop had a space for it.

The second section consisted of a big "mass" build from recycled materials from salvation army, cut up and put together into new abstract shapes in would make a wavering mass exploding out from the walls. The Mass was painted white and a light animation was projected on it. The projection was connected to a microphone so depending on the audiences input to the microphone, wether it was in high notes or in low notes, the animation would change and highlight certain spots of the mass.

In the last section we build a big wave-shaped platform in 3 levels. On the levels we painted a graphical pattern and the students who was interested in sewing and textile-design made abstract shaped cushions to create a nice lounge hang-out atmosphere. In front of the platform was a corner filled with draped hanging old curtains and other light see–through fabrics. Projected on the fabric was a animation connected to a censor in a box. The censor registers your fingers movements above it and transforms it into visual patterns on the projection. The shape and reaction of the projection would change depending on if you use 1,2,3,4, or 5 fingers. When projected on the many layers of fabric, the animation will occurs more 3D-like, with depth of the patterns through all the layers