A congruous variety of pieces or parts (2014)

Group-exhibition "Zimmer-frei" at Koldinghus museum


Leather carpet/patchwork

Size: 800 x 150 cm

Koldinghus is a Danish royal castle dated back to 13th century. Today the restored castle functions as a museum containing collections of furniture from the 16th century to present, Roman and Gothic church culture, older Danish paintings, crafts focused on ceramics and silver and shifting thematized exhibitions.

The museum has invited 17 young Danish artist to rediscover the castle, to present works inspired by the history, collection or architecture of the castle.
My work was based on the restoration / renovation of the castle ruin to the current building. Inspired by the wood shingle technique from the outer wall of the south wing of the castle, I have hand-cut thousands of small leather pieces out and braided together to form a blanket that emphasizes the dramatic height of the hall. The patchwork technique also comments on the whole idea to reconstruct or restore; putting parts against each other and patch together into a larger whole.
The choice of leather as a material creation also references to medieval use of leather craft and armor in labor and war costumes.

The entire front of the leather carpet I painted black, but if you look behind you would be able to see the pattern of all the different colors of leather that was used.

Artists exhibiting at Zimmer Frei:
Jacob Tækker, Anders Werdelin, Anna Bak, Mia Helmer, Michael Würtz Overbeck, Niels Pugholm, Timo Andersen, Ulla Bech-Bruun, Anders Scrmn Meisner, Dan Stockholm, Nana Bastrup og Matvey Slavin, Lotte Agger, Mie Lund, Eske Rex, Nanna Riis Andersen, Søren Behnke, Nina Saunder. 

The exhibition opens friday the 3rd October 2014, and will be open until 30th November 2014.


Thanks to Hjort Knudsen A/S for sponsorship of leather.

Projektet er støttet af Statens Kunstråd
The project is supported by the Danish Art Council