The first thing that disappeared was the birds (2014)

Exhibition at Sejerø Festival 2014, Sejerø, Denmark


Sound installation, variable dimensions.

This installation was made for Sejerø Festival 2014. Sejerø Festival is a 3 day festival for art, architecture and music, placed on a small island in Denmark. The festival takes place on an old farm and the surrounding fields. The artists who are invited to the festival is asked to intervene with the buildings and the area, reflect on the special atmosphere of the place and the many hidden corners of the farm.

My contribution to the festival was an installation placed in some small dark rooms leading into the old boiler room. The rooms had not been open to the public before and had been left untouched since the previous owner of the farm. The rooms had a certain post-apocalyptic atmosphere about them. This made me reflect on the whole idea behind isolating yourself on an island, it takes a certain kind of person to live in a place like this. When you are on the island yourself, you really become aware of your disconnection to the mainland.

I made a small narrative about this person who has survived the apocalypse. As he is sitting in his survival shelter, he starts reflecting on what happened so many years ago, how the apocalypse started and if there is any hope for the future. He remembers that the birds disappeared long before the catastrophe hit. The 5 minutes long recording is his own reflections on why the birds disappeared before everything else, and what that could mean.

Sejerø island is famous for its birdlife, so it made sense to use this as a theme and connect it to the location at the farm. The installation consist of a variety of pictures of birds, both found from books and photos i took myself in my days at the island. Together with self-made small objects that resembles bird cages and found feathers and egg-shaped rocks it should give the feeling of a desperate persons search for meaning and a way out of desperation. 


You can hear the recording and see the installation on the Vimeo link