‘In the depths of the sea’ (2023)

commission work for Bygningsstyrelsen / Administrations- og Servicestyrelsen


The permanent artwork consists of a 14-meter-long relief, placed on the balcony in the ADST’s cantina in their Svendborg department.
The work is inspired by the geographical location – Svendborg. I researched the city's historical development; from medieval herring fishing, which made the small fishermen village expand, to the progress of industrialization that made it Funen's second largest city and today a cultural city and a popular tourist destination, - the gateway to the South Funen archipelago.

The relief is created from a digital collage of 2D images of fish scales, fishing nets and ripples on water surfaces. This collage has then been transformed into a 3D file and thus the image is made sculptural.
The relief is divided into 9 parts which responds to the lines that go from the metal rods in the existing railing at the top of the balcony. The frieze division also emphasizes the late modernist architecture of the building itself and the sharp divisions of the room in the yellow bricks. At the same time, the motif adds something more organic and "soft" to the sharp and systematic.

The relief is CNC-cut in PUR foam at VAK- Westsealands working artist workshops. They have then been coated with Line-X, a 2-component quick-drying material that can be sprayed on surfaces and forms a polymer coating that makes the surface hard and water-repellent. After that, the parts were painted in a deep dark blue color with silver rivets, a color alluding to the big dark sea where the surface glistens in the sun.

Thanks to bygningsstyrelsen for the invitation, to VAK - Vestsjællands Arbejdende Kunstværksteder for guidance, support and work facilities, and Thanks to PAXCON by LINE-X Nordic for guidance and coating.

Photos by Idoart Agency