Group-exhibition at HFKD, Holstebro (DK)


12th october – 18th november 2018

Exhibeting artists:

Nanna Lysholt Hansen
Sydhavn Station
Kasper Kjeldgaard
Maria Lenskjold
Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard
Marie Edinger Plum
A Kassen

REAL ESTATE is a group exhibition that presents artists working with everyday objects, ready-mades, interior elements and various forms of design. With the exhibition's title; REAL ESTATE, I wanted to point out the objects of the home and everyday living and highlight the beauty of even the most basic objects. The exhibiting artists have in individual ways worked and appropriated recognizable everyday objects into their works. Through humour, visual representations, and paraphrasing over the use of the functional object, the artists comments on the home and the physical objects we surround us with.

Photos: Jonas Søgaard, Søgaardfilm.

Poster/catalogue design: Alexis Mark

Catalogue as digital reader/PDF for free download:



The contemporary art exhibition program at HFKD is kindly supported by:

The Danish Art Council

Færch Fonden

Holstebro Kommune

Dansk Talentakademi