Beside my own art-practice, I also work as a freelance curator. I am currently working at House of Art and Design (HFKD) in Holstebro, Denmark.

The house is a 400m2 nonprofit exhibition site, which until 2015 was place for The Jens Nielsen and Olivia Holm Møller Museum. The house has joint management with the Danish Talent Academy department For Arts & Design, which is an Artistic Basic Course (BGK) and has 300 M2 of course and workshop premises, which are also located in the house and in direct connection with the
exhibition spaces.
HFKD has created a unique opportunity to test completely new combination options between a dissemination / exhibition hall and an educational school for young talents. HFKD has some beautiful Exner designed rooms available, but we are probably closer to a project room than an art gallery. 

I have made a 2-year exhibition program as part of the entire exhibition program taking place in the House. The program is mainly based on thematic group-exhibitions with topics that seems to be of current interest in contemporary art. The artists are mainly younger, newly educated Danish artist, with aan equal gender distribution. 

You can find more information about each of my curated exhibitions in the fans to the left, or look at for entire exhibition program.