Rhythm is a dancer

04.05.2018 – 10.06.2018

The participating artists in the exhibition: Ragnhild May (DK),Conny Karlsson Lundgren (S),
Felia Gram-Hanssen (DK), Goodipal (DK), Francois Dey (NL) and Vinyl Terror-Horror (DK/D).

Sound, music, noise, all affects us on a everyday level. Sound can be therapeutic but can alsoa constant stress point. In the exhibition we will present a number of international artists who in indifferent ways have incorporated sound into their works. The artworks ranging widely from the more philosophical investigations of how sound affects us emotionally, to works commenting on how sound can be creating political, social and physical spaces. Works that is exploring sound and the methods by which we evoke the sound and how it affects the viewer in different ways and also has a physical bodily effect on us.

Photos: Jonas Søgaard, Søgaardfilm.

Poster/catalogue design: Alexis Mark

Catalogue as digital reader/PDF for free download: