Anna Bak (b. 1985, Denmark) is a visual artist and curator/organizer. She works in different medias, primarily with installation. She took her Master in Fine Arts from The Funen Arts Academy in Denmark with an supplementing exchange year at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, USA.

Bak is interested in stories that are based on conflicts between nature and culture as well as socio-cultural paradoxes. She examines the way people observe and relate to nature and geographical placement at an existential level; in particular post-industrial melancholy and melancholy associated with the loss of harmony with nature or ‘original’ culture.

"A central focus of my practice is a fascination with nature, not rooted in a romantic and aesthetic
cultivation of its grandeur, but more in an examination of the way people observe and relate to nature at
a more existential level; It may be anthropomorphism, where the natural world has human tendencies
and emotions imposed on it. Or it may be a kind of post-industrial melancholy and alienation often
associated with the loss of harmony with nature or of ‘original’ culture. Both terms are in themselves
problematical, and interesting to me at the same time. Does it even make sense to talk about original
culture, and what is this feeling of loss?
I see my work as a kind of philosophical research. I get interested in a story, a theme or a specific
object because it triggers more exsistential questions for me. I do a lot of research and reading on my
projects. In the process of working with the object or installation the transition between research and
the formal becomes fluid. The viewer will still experience traces of the original research, but when the
language of form is applied to the matter, new meanings and associations are created that are less
tangible – but are still close to the triggering points that started the whole process for me."