Born: 24th april 1985, Grindsted, Denmark


2018 -       : Ma Curating, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.
2014-2015: Jan Van Eyck Academie, post-academic studies. Maastricht, Netherlands
2010-2011: Montana State University - art-department, Bozeman, international exchange student, USA
2007-2012: The Funen Art Academy(DFK), Odense, Denmark
2005-2007: Århus art-school (Byhøjskolen), Århus, Denmark
1999-2004: Highschool; Vestjysk Gymnasium Tarm (VGT), Denmark


2018: Danish Arts Council annual work grant

2017: Ville Chistensens grant

2016: Danish Arts Council annual work grant

2016: The Danish Arts Councils Artist in residency program for Capacete, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

2015: Danish Arts Council annual work grant

2014: Danish Arts Council annual work grant

2014 Inger and Aage Nielsens honor grant

2014: Knud Højgaards Fond, grant for acceptance at The Jan Van Eyck institute

2013: The Danish Arts Councils Artist in residency program for Istanbul, Turkey

2012: Choosen for the international juried group-show; "Extract", at Gallery Gl. Strand, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010: Fulbright Foundation, international exchange program




25th january - 17th March

"Hermit" -Solo exhibition at Overgaden Institute for contemporary art. Copenhagen, Denmark.


16th november - 16th december

"I Will Survive" -Group exhibition and publication, exhibition collaboration between Alta Art Space and Galleri CC, Malmø, Sweeden.

1st- 8th July

"Letters of Last resort" - Group-exhibition "Letters of Last resort" at the Gallery Damian And The Love Guru, Brussels, Belgium

5th Apil - 4th may

Abyss - Exhibition in collaboration with Rune Bosse at D7 projectspace, Copenhagen, Denmark


17th june - 6th august

[UDEN TITEL 17]. Group-exhibition at Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, Denmark


10th December 2016 -  19th February 2017

Liquid Mountain. Group exhibition at Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 

23th July - 6th November 

I Went to the WoodsThe artist as wanderer. Group exhibition at Glucksman Gallery, Cork, ireland. 

29th January - 28th February

There are some enterprises in which a careful disorderliness is the true method. Exhibition with Anne Munnecke at House for Art and design, Holstebro, Denmark



19th December:

Experience Ooga Booga. CURRENT OBSESSION, One day performance and exhibition event at Studio 47, Amsterdam, Holland.

17th October – 15th November:

Wilderness Survival. Exhibition and performance at Onomatopee, Eindhoven, Holland.

24th September- 4th October:

Wilderness Survival. Solo exhibition at X and beyond. Copenhagen, Denmark.

 24th September – 23th October:

BEERS 5 - 100 women at the pub. Group exhibition at Byens Kro, Copenhagen, Denmark.

30th July - 2nd August:

Blank Billboard, installation for Sejerø Festival, Sejerø, Denmark

12th-28th June

GHOST DANCERS solo exhibition at OK CORRAL, Copenhagen, Denmark

 5th-7th March

OPEN STUDIOS at Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands



3rd oct – 30th Nov:

Zimmer-Frei, Group exhibition at Koldinghus Museum, Kolding, Denmark

 1st - 3rd August:

"The first thing that dissapeared..." sound-Installation at Sejerø Festival, festival for art, architecture and music, Sejerø, Denmark

 20th March:

OPEN STUDIO, one-day exhibition in Residency apartment in Istanbul, Turkey

13th March - 23th March.

Contribution to “Open space” , international group Exhibition MixerArts Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey



4th Okt. - 15th Nov.

The Wave” Interactive installation made in collaboration with artist Magnus Fuhr and students from Art&Design Talentacademy, exhibited at Holstebro Art-Museum, Holstebro, Denmark

6th September- 6th October:

"The West in the South Harbour" Group exhibition at the exhibition place "Sydhavn Station", Copenhagen, Denmark

12th April - 20th May

“Monster”, small installation in the “Demo-room” at Gallery Image in Aarhus, Denmark


15th December

Cabin 2 -in the woods (permanent sculpture)
Art-spacee Skovsnogen, Kibæk, Denmark

24th November - 20th January

Extract”, Group-exhibition at Gl. Strand Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.

15th September - 28th October

”Local Heroes” Group-exhibition at Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon

25th May -  29th July

"Cabin" The Funen Art Academy MFA thesis show 2012, Brandts Kunsthall, Odense, Denmark
Curators; Stine Hebert and Nanna Grunnet


11th - 13th November

“Dreamlover” exhibition with the art-group Carstensgade4, the garage at Prags Boulevard 43, 2300
Copenhagen S. Denmark

13th October - 2nd November

Machine RAUM”, Biennale for video-art and digital culture at Vejle art museum, Denmark

2nd September

One-day exhibition with the art-group Carstensgade 4, Vesterfælledvej 7a, Baghold, Copenhagen,

17th - 22nd April

“Ah, Wilderness!” Solo exhibition at Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery in Bozeman, Montana, USA

7th - 24th February

Vox Populi” Juried exhibition at Hellen Copeland Gallery, at Montana State University, Bozeman,
Montana, USA


1st - 31st December

Selected works at NOVA café together with Kate Lindsay, Bozeman, Montana, USA

12th - 26th May

“MAKE ENDS MEET”, 3rd year exhibition at DFK (BFA thesis show), Odense, Denmark

29th January - 7th February

”Before Entering”, Exhibition at Prags Boulevard 66,, Copenhagen, Denmark


20th - 30th May

”The Influenz”, Annual school exhibition at DFK, the Old Meat-manufactory, Odense, Denmark

28th March - 24th May

”PT09”, Easter exhibition at Janus-bygningen in Tistrup, Denmark

29th January - 10th February

”The Motion”, 2nd year exhibition in FAA project-room at DFK, Odense, Denmark

20th January - 1st February

Exhibition at ”Filosofgangen”(art-building) in collaboration with students from DFK, Odense, Denmark

8th - 14th January

“ALARM”, exhibition in collaboration with 2 fellow students from DFK. Nørregade 24, Odense, Denmark



Wilderness Survival: A Guide to the Aesthetics of Survivalism (2015)

Assistant jobs/ workshops/lectures

2015: November-december
Guest teacher at The school of Art and Design (Holstebro Talent-academy), Holstebro, Denmark.

2013: 16th January
Lecture at Herning Art school, Evening classes for young and adults who are interested in an
artistic career. Herning, Denmark.

2012: 10th Feb
“Ah, Wilderness!” Guest lecture at Århus art-school concerning own art-practice. Aarhus, Denmark

2010: 17th june
“Can you live from it” Talk and open discussion about the creative business and the daily life of
being an artist together with artist Svend-Allan Sørensen at Brandts Kunsthalle in Odense,

2009: 1st - 15thAug
”Instant Herlev”. Assistant for international artists, mainly Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess (LA.,
USA), Herlev, Denmark
22th June – 3rd July
”Park Project”. Assistant for Birgitte Kjøller. Collaboration-project between the city and culture
department of Odense municipality and Brandts Kunsthalle in the public Park ”Kongens Have” in
29th Jan – 13th Feb.
”Somebody has been dreaming of my house”. Assistant for Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz and Tue
Biering on ”Sense-exhibition” on Brandts Kunsthal.

21th - 29th Nov.
”ACT OUT”: Performative Video by Nordic Women Artist”. Workshop and exhibition at University of
Évora in Portugal



aug.- dec. Museum-assistent at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark

 5th -10th Feb
“Fun with Animals” guest teacher and workshop about animals in art at Århus art-school
(Byhøjskolen) in Århus, Denmark

July – aug 2012:
Attendant at BRANDTS (Kunsthalle in Odense, Denmark)

2009: August - aug 2012:
Docent/guide at BRANDTS